• Brand Navigator gives powerful, simple clarity on consumer insights
    to enable you to make truly impactful branding decisions

Brand Navigator helps brand managers analyze their own quantitative consumer and brand research in order to design successful, fact-based brand positioning and communications. 

Its analytical platform and expert services build on McKinsey's proven marketing and branding frameworks to help you build strong brands and manage marketing return-on-investment.

Brand Navigator addresses critical branding questions such as:

  • How do your brands perform compared to the competition?
  • How does this vary across countries and consumer segments?
  • How can you improve your brand positioning and communication to fuel growth?

Brand Navigator can be used standalone or in conjunction with the other 3 modules of Marketing Navigator Solution.

What Brand Navigator provides

Brand Navigator helps to improve brand performance and growth and enables companies to make the most of their brand equity. It spots bottlenecks in the brand purchasing funnel at the customer segment level, identifies which brand attributes and benefits will overcome the bottlenecks, and shows how the brand is perceived on those relevant decision factors by customer segment and versus the competition. As an optional feature, it can also highlight the most effective touchpoints for delivering specific attributes and benefits to the target group.

Superior insights

Track how your brands perform by running real-time analyses across geographies, products, and customer segments

Greater productivity

Streamline repetitive tasks by using the automated web interface to upload market research, run customized analyses, and produce graphical outputs that can be easily incorporated into reports to facilitate decision making

Sustainable improvements

Build in-house capabilities and embed best-practice approaches to measure, manage, and upgrade brand performance

Brand Navigator is part of the
Marketing Navigator Solution

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About Brand Navigator

What makes a brand successful?

What does it take to position a brand effectively?

How can a brand deliver a convincing value proposition?

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